Terms and Conditions of the Services offered by TalentCard

Spanish version


The present terms and conditions are the contract of provision of services between the users of the TalentCard App and the company Simple Productions S.L. as operator or service provider (henceforth, the owner, the operator, the service provider, TalentCard, or the Company). For the purposes referred to in the abovementioned contractual relationship, the Company is based in Spain, and in spite of where the users may legally reside, their presumed residence is that which is stated on their professional profile. The use of TalentCard, by means of user registration and the creation of a profile on the app, grants an implicit acceptance of the present contract. A user is considered to be any person, natural or legal, who has registered on the App and created a profile or digital card in the application.



The TalentCard App offers the registered user the possibility of creating and supporting a virtual cardholder of professional contacts. Such service has several basic free functionalities and other more advanced functionalities under payment as detailed in the same application.



The user can obtain a license of use for the TalentCard App through the registration and creation of a profile. It can be revoked at any time by the Company if an inadequate use of the service is carried out without any previous complaint being required by another user. Inadequate conducts include the proposition of illegal and fraudulent business to other users, harassing other users, and any act which goes against the law, morality and public order. It is prohibited to transfer, to redistribute or to sublicense the App, as well as to copy, to try to obtain the source code, to modify or to create works derived from the App or from any of its parts without the owner’s authorization.



All the information about users that is obtained by the Company is subject to the strictest confidentiality and the applicable legislation on data protection of the service provider. Under no circumstances should it be assigned to third parties. Our servers do not store your contact list permanently. We only use that data as long as it’s necessary to check which contacts are using TalentCard.



The services of payment are subject to the legal and tributary procedures established in the residence act of the service provider.



The subscriptions of payment shall be automatically renewed until the user cancels them. If the price of a subscription of payment increases, the user shall be duly notified. Charges shall not be carried out before the 24 hours before the beginning of the period of subscription. Nevertheless, in terms of the conditions of the services of payment, the contractual requirements between the users of the App and the entities providing the service of execution of the payments will prevail.



The Company shall determine the scope of the advertising for each user, who accepts the receipt of such advertising offered through the App, regardless of whether it comes from the same ad server or from third parties with limitations applicable to the legislation of every user depending on their residence. The App shall be able to allow access to services, products, web pages and Apps from third parties. TalentCard shall not be responsible for examining or evaluating the content or the veracity of the services or advertised products.



The user accepts that the operator could gather and use technical information and information related to the use of the APP of their users. Such information is regularly compiled to facilitate the supply of software updates and the provision of product services support and improvements to the service, so the Company shall be able to use this information to improve their services and products offered through the App.



The present contract and the relationship between the Company and their users shall be governed by the laws of the Spanish State, and in the case of legal litigation, it shall be substantiated in the Courts of Madrid.



The Company reserves the right to modify the present contract at any time and to establish new terms or conditions. Such modifications shall be opportunely communicated to users.



The service offered by TalentCard, including its design, graphics, user interface, publishing content, scripts and used software, contain information and material that is protected by rights of property that belong to the Company and are protected by the legislation on intellectual property. Thus, it is prohibited to use such information for one’s own benefit or for third parties’ benefit, except for the purposes protected by the present contract.



TalentCard reserves the right to modify, to suspend or cancel the service at any time with or without advance notification for users and it shall not incur any responsibility before them or any third party. The cancellation of the service shall not affect the previously acquired content and, if so, the user shall have right to be reimbursed the revenue in its proportional part to their use, except in cases of corporate insolvency.



TalentCard shall provide services with a reasonable degree of professionalism and diligence. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to guarantee that the service shall be free of interruptions or mistakes. The functioning of the service may be occasionally interrupted or partly or totally halted at any time for technical or operative reasons, in which case such circumstance shall be communicated to the greatest extent possible. TalentCard shall try by all means possible to protect the information of their users, including protection against any type of fraudulent use or computer piracy. The Company declines any responsibility related to such circumstances and users shall not exercise any claim to this respect. Users decline any exercise of responsibility request concerning the free services of payment.



TalentCard may send notifications of its service to your email address, by publishing them in the said App or through push notifications. The notifications shall take immediate effect.


Date of the last update: February, 2017